Services overview

Business Planning & Coaching

The goals of developing a business plan: Internal use - planning the launch of a new or development of existing business, resource allocation, concentration of efforts of personnel for working on the project.

Marketing Services

Marketing consulting is a set of projects on the development and implementation of measures, methods and tools for effective impact on the market. The result of these projects - the most favorable place at the market.

Online Services

Online business has been one of the most successful businesses throughout the world. Over millions of consumers are surfing on the internet and about millions of dollars are being generated per day.

International business services


Send and receive foreign currency payments right at your desk, eliminating phone calls or trips to the bank. Make your payment by the 2:00 pm Pacific Time cut-off, and your payment will be settled in two business days or less.


Exporting is more complex than selling in a domestic market. It is important to understand key trade expressions, techniques and requirements. International trade carries its own particular terminology.


Find out how much foreign currency you need for your trip and look up cash exchange rates. You can even print out an exchange rate wallet card for your trip.  Customers with credit cards only can order currency at a financial center.

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Support services

You can be assured of our support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We always stay in touch with you and always ready to help you with any problems. Power professional golf for leadership of companies and clusters of national and international scale, increase of the efficiency of business customers at times.

Despite the fact that the problems of our customers often have the same roots, used techniques do not fit into template frame. Individual approach to each client allows us to find solutions based on deep understanding of the business and customer problems, its core competencies and opportunities for successful development.

The synergistic effect of our decisions is achieved through a well-established pattern of interaction between our experts and key specialists of the client's company. The realizability of our solutions is provided by mandatory training of personnel for the introduction of the client company.

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